Monday, April 6, 2015

Winter Series Results

EASS Results

2014/2015 Winter SeriesIken 23/11
1st Megan Jenkins - Ember 82
2nd Megan Jenkins - Nevaeh 77olf
3rd Sarah Walker - Pearl 77
4th Mark Banham - Bell 73

1st Albert Glockling - Islay 73olf...
2nd Jerry Maloney - Dot 73
3rd Elaine Bell - Nell 68t
4th Bob Wilden - Robbie 67t

1st Edward Hawkins - Troy 60t
2nd Jamie Gregory - Bob 53t
3rd Edward Thornalley - Troy 46t olf
4th Aurial Mepham - Lola 46

 Worlington 14/12/14
1st Megan Jenkins, Nevaeh 87olf
2nd Megan Jenkins, Ember 87
3rd Edward Thornalley, Juke 86
4th Sue Little, Buddy 84

1st Neil Rouse, Nap 78...
2nd Bob Wilden, Robbie 69t
3rd Stuart Jarvis, Jan 59t

1st Edward Hawkins, Troy 81
2nd Graham Baldry, Ben 69t
3rd Edward Thornalley, Jack 68t
4th Gill Bharakhada, Willow 59t

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Welcome to our new website

We are delighted to launch our new website.

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