Saturday, February 17, 2018

EASS Annual Awards Dinner 2018 - Friday 16th February 2018

Summer Trials:

29th April – Castle Rising
Open - The Hulver Open Cup - Ricky Hutchinson & Jock
Novice - The Hulver Novice Cup - Wendy Cole & Mheg

30th April - Castle Rising
Open - The CWG Shield - Ricky Hutchinson & Jock
Novice - The EASS Novice Shield - Ed Hawkins & Jess

11th June - Euston
Open - The Maurice Bloomfield Shield - Ben Smith & Ben
Novice - The EASS Trophy - Richard Curtis & Tess

16th July - Dalham
Open - The Holbecks Park Open Trophy - Megs Jenkins & Ember
Novice - The Holbecks Park Novice Trophy – John Porter & Joe
1st September - Methwold
Open - The Stockaid Shield - Ed Hawkins & Troy

16th September - Wherstead
Open - The EASS Open Cup - Toby Bulgin & Mist
Novice - The EASS Novice Cup - Sarah Jenkins & Bess

17th September - Wherstead
Open - The Writtle College Open Shield - Ed Hawkins & Troy
Novice - The Writtle College Novice Shield - Ed Thornalley & Baby Sweep

30th September - Ickworth
Open - The Otley Open Cup - Sergio Perello & Jim
Novice - The Otley Novice Cup - Jamie Gregory & Bob

1st October - Ickworth
Open - The Omega Megan Bronze - Ricky Hutchinson & Jock
Novice - The EASS Novice Shield - Bob Wilden & Sam
Highest Placed EASS Local Member - The Ickworth Trophy - Wendy Cole & Mheg
Best O.L.F. - The Priory Farm Shield - Sergio Perello & Jim

Summer Season Aggregate Competitions:

Open - The Lacy Scott Cup - Ricky Hutchinson & Jock
Novice - The Brian And Kay Warren Memorial Rosebowl - Toby Bulgin & Mist
Nursery - The Cecil Murphy Memorial Trophy - Wendy Cole & Mheg
Highest Placed Lady Handler - The EASS Lady Handler Trophy - Claire Neal
The Highest Placed Novice Handler - The Rhogo Trophy - Jamie Gregory
Highest Placed Dog Trained By Its Handler - The Deptford Ornament - Ricky Hutchinson & Jock
Most National Points Won By An EASS Local Member At EASS Open Trials - The Heathgate Shield - Ed Hawkins & Troy
The Highest Pointed EASS Local Member In The English National Team - The Birkbeck Trophy - Ed Hawkins & Troy

Winter Series Aggregate Competitions:

Winter Series Nursery Aggregate - The Andrew Wilson Memorial Trophy - Ed Hawkins & Jill
Winter Series Novice Aggregate - The Heathgate Salver - Jerry Moloney & Floss
Nursery Dog Trained By Its Handler - The EASS Tankard - Graham Baldry & Mo
Winter Nursery Champion – EASS Nursery Salver - Sue Little & Tig
Winter Novice Champion - EASS Novice Salver - Sarah Jenkins & Gael

Young Handler Award - The Elaine Bell Crook - Ruby Shrubsole
Most Improved Handler - The Albert Barker Memorial Trophy - Sally Else
Member Who Has Done The Most For EASS - The Gerald Amps Crook - Ed Hawkins

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Elaine Bell Memorial Crook

The EASS would like to introduce The Elaine Bell Memorial Crook.

This will be an award presented to the New/Young Handler at the Annual Awards Dinner in remembrance of Elaine Bell.

We would also like to thank Ian Blinkworth for the work he has done to repair and beautifully engrave it.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Open Trial Entry

For the forth coming Open Trial series we are changing our entry system -

To enter any of our Open trials simply send your entry fee along with your name, the trial you wish to enter and the number of dogs you wish to run to our Open Trial Secretary:
Kath Perry
14 Stone Road,
NR20 4LS

Alternatively should you wish to pay via BACS email your name, the trial you want to enter and the number of dogs you wish to run to easstrials@btinternet.com
BACS Payments to:
Account Number: 00240771
Sort Code 30-98-58

Entry fee is £5.00 to members and £7.50 to non-members.
Should you wish to become a member please contact Kath on 07786-605419 or email eassmembership@btinternet.com

Prior to the trial running orders will be posted on our Facebook page and our website www.eastangliansheepdogsociety.org

Thursday, January 11, 2018

2018 Open Trial Dates

Saturday 5th May & Sunday 6th May 2018 - 0830 start
           Venue: Castle Rising, PE31 6AN
           Trial Organiser: Graham Baldry (07881 802290)
           Judge: TBC

Sunday 10th June 2018 - 0830 start
           Venue: Euston Rural Pastimes Event - Euston Park, Euston, Thetford, IP24 2QH
           Trial Organiser: Denis Jenkins (07876 748082)
           Judge: TBC

July 2018 (Date TBC) - 0830 start
           Venue: Dalham Hall, Newmarket, Suffolk
           Trial Organiser: Toby Bulgin (07721 926187)
           Judge: TBC

Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th August 2018 - 0830 start
           Venue: High Fen, Methwold, IP26 4PJ
           Trial Organiser: Toby Bulgin (07721 926187)
           Judge: TBC
           Sunday's trial is a Championship Double Gather - top competitors from Saturday will qualify.

Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd September 2018 - 0830 start
           Venue: Suffolk Food Hall, Wherstead, IP9 2AB
           Trial Organiser: Bob Wilden (07711 822704)
           Judge: TBC

Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th October 2018 - 0830 start
           Venue: Ickworth Park, Horringer, Suffolk, IP29 5QE
           Trial Organisers: Ed Hawkins (07591 342412) & Ed Thornalley (07885 186949)
           Judge: TBC

Sunday 21st October 2018 - 0830 start
           EASS Open Championship - Open to all handers placed 1st - 6th in any of our Open Trials this season
           Venue: TBC
           Trial Organiser: Ed Hawkins (07591 342412)
           Judge: TBC

Sunday, January 7, 2018

EASS Nursery/Novice Championship

Date: Saturday 10th February 2018

Venue: The Beeches, Little Blakenham, Ipswich, IP8 4LX

Open to anybody placed in our Winter Series Nursery & Novice classes (1st - 6th in Nursery, 1st - 4th in Novice).

Running Order will be drawn on the morning of the trial.

Trial Organiser: Bob Wilden (07711 822704)

Course Director: TBC

Judge: Denis Jenkins

Handlers eligible to run:

Ed Hawkins & Jill
Andy Jackman & Mask
Ed Thornalley & Nasher
Graham Baldry & Mo
James McBride & Gus
Sue Little & Tigg
Val Powell & Bet
Bob Wilden & Taff
Megs Jenkins & Katie
Wendy Cole & Carrie
Jamie Gregory & Dai
Mark Banham & Taff

Ed Hawkins & Jess
Ed Thornalley & Baby Sweep
Sarah Jenkins & Bess
Denise Chapman & Maggie
Jamie Gregory & Bob
John Painter & Swt
Jerry Moloney & Floss
Sarah Jenkins & Gail
Richard Curtis & Tess
Richard Little & Lenka
Gill Bharakhda & Willow
Bob Wilden & Sam

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Worlington Trial - 20th January 2018

Due to high demand (and lack of daylight hours!) we have decided to make the Cradle Trial at Worlington a separate event and run it on the Sunday instead of part of Saturday's Nursery/Novice.

So Saturday 20th January will be a Nursery/Novice Trial and Sunday 21st January will be a Cradle Trial. More information on Facebook or contact the EASS via email (easstrials@btinternet.com).

Membership Sec., 33, Spring Close, Little Baddow, Essex, CM3 4TL


Ed Hawkins (Chairman) 07591 342412


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